Turn Volunteerism Into
An Entertainment Form

 Volunteer Youth is a non-profit organization actively promoting volunteerism among the youth. We have linkages with different organizations with various service projects. Have a look at our website to check which ones you’re interested in. 

Our goal is to engage the youth in service-oriented projects that are at once rewarding, challenging, and educational. At the same, we aim to fulfill unmet needs of the community and the people living in it. By getting them involved in service projects, we would enable the youth to better understand and appreciate the diversity in their respective communities. This too is a great exercise for them to develop a lifetime ethic for service. Thus our goals can be summed up in this way: (a) We want to broaden the minds of the youth, and (b) We want to fulfill the unmet needs in the community 

Volunteer Youth was established in 1990 and has been establishing community-based youth service activities all throughout the United States. Our process works this way:  

  • Organizations contact us and send us details on their projects.
  • We put the project’s information on our site.
  • Youth volunteers sign up for the project.
  • We set up the youth volunteer with the project.
  • Civic-minded youth contact us on the service project they’d like to organize.
  • We set up the youth with the relevant organization.
  Our aim is to turn volunteerism into an entertainment form. And not just any entertainment form, we hope to open the eyes of the youth to a more profound entertainment form: nourishing the spirit through service to other people. If you are an organization with a lofty project, please fill us in the details of your project:
  • Summer project or school year round?
  • What state?
  • Description of volunteers
 Contact us for more information.


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launched: 1.02.2002, contact: john@volunt.net